vacuum cleaner

There are plenty of vacuum cleaners around that can be quite confusing when it comes to buying one.

So, what do you need to look out for when purchasing a vacuum cleaner in general? Lets get right into it.

Vacuum Price?

Before going head first and buying the first vacuum cleaner you find online, do yourself a favour and set a budget, by doing this, you will not go over the top and spend hundreds of pounds on a vacuum cleaner with extra fancy bits when all you needed was a basic hoover… So set yourself a maximum price you would like to spend.

Which vacuum manufacturer should you go for?

Like any product, there are quite a few manufacturers that will make them, you could opt in for going with the higher priced variety such as a Dyson or possibly an expensive Miele, there are plenty out there, Vax, Numatic (yes they make the Henry and Hetty vacuums we all know and love), Shark and even a more newer manufacture such as Gtech who build the famed AirRam model. Ultimately, the question comes down to what do you need your vacuum for? Your home, your work? Does it need to be lightweight so you can bring it with you on the go… or does it need to suck the hell out of everything? Each manufacturer excels in its’ own field but by knowing what you need it for in your circumstance, can in fact narrow down your choices which would be a god-send, trust me, you don’t want to have a selection of fifteen different brands and 50 different models.

Corded? Stick? Upright? Cylinder?

Next, to narrow down your search, you could think of a use case for the vacuum, does it need to be corded for ultimate power? Will it be used for light dust on hardwood flooring? Perhaps you want a traditional upright vacuum cleaner.. this all may sound obvious but trust me, you’ll end up wanting a £50 Argos own brand vacuum and come out with a £500 Dyson stick vacuum instead, there is a method to my madness so pick a type of vacuum cleaner.

Remember to read online reviews!

Once you’ve made your decision, don’t just pull the debit card out of your purse/wallet! It’s very helpful to read up on the vacuum cleaner you are wanting to buy, there are plenty vacuum cleaner review websites that will go through many vacuum cleaners to help guide you, so you are better informed to make sure you’re making the right choice. Either way, I say its better to prepare to fail than to fail to prepare and I take this into any situation so make sure you always do your due diligence!

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Radio is a free music streaming website that’s like a radio
on steroids. You can find any radio station that’s broadcasting an artist that
you want to listen to, in addition to local radio stations, sports stations,
news stations, talk radio, and stations from locations all around the globe.

You can
even use TuneIn Radio from various mobile apps so you can bring your favorite radio
stations wherever you go.

Visit TuneIn

More About TuneIn Radio

addition to using TuneIn Radio through a web browser, you can visit the download
to install the app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android,
BlackBerry, Amazon Kindle, Windows Phone, and Bada devices.

You can
also use TuneIn Radio on the following devices: Samsung Smart TV, Panasonic
Viera TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Sonos.


  • Gives you access to 100,000+
    live radio stations
  • Websites and apps are easy
    to use
  • Can save your favorite
    stations for easy access
  • All the music is free to
    listen to
  • Lots of ways to find
    stations you may be interested in
  • Website doesn’t require you
    to create a user account (the app does)
  • Mobile app is free from
    picture advertisements and popups


  • Just a radio service (can’t
    listen to specific songs)

some more information about TuneIn Radio’s website and mobile apps:

  • TuneIn Radio lets you find
    local and remote FM and AM radio stations, stations that are trending
    worldwide, as well as stations by music, sport, news, and talk genre, such
    as Classical, Folk, Rock, Hockey, Football, Soccer, Baseball,
    Political News, Scanners, Traffic, Wine, Travel, Comedy,
    and Technology
  • The mobile app lets you find
    stations by the above methods as well as by language, trending stations,
    and top podcasts
  • Stations you
    “Follow” will show up in your library for quick access
  • All the followers of a
    station are available for you to look through, and you can follow any of
    those users to have quick access to their profiles
  • The mobile app can access
    your contact list to show you who is using TuneIn Radio so you can follow
  • Clicking on a station shows
    you its location, genres, networks, language, and contact information
  • You can view the last few
    songs that played on a station ,as well as the daily schedule for upcoming
  • Custom stations can be added
    by their URL
  • Stations can be shared over
    Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites
  • The mobile TuneIn Radio app
    shows you a huge list of the past songs that played on that station
  • From the TuneIn website is a
    link to buy the songs you hear on your radio stations
  • Songs that are currently
    playing from recommended stations can be viewed in one place so you can
    easily decide to jump to a different one if it’s streaming music you like
  • Comments can be left on
    stations, which are viewable from the mobile app
  • An alarm, clock, and sleep
    timer are supported on the mobile app
  • Your user profile can be
    made private so no one can see the stations you follow
  • The TuneIn Radio mobile app
    has Car Mode, which turns the app into a much simpler and
    cleaner interface with four large buttons to easily find recent and
    recommended stations, pause and play the station, and open the stations
    you’re following
  • A paid app can be purchased
    if you want to record audio from the radio stations

My Thoughts on TuneIn Radio

It’s one
thing to have simple access to local radio stations from around your current
location, but TuneIn Radio expands this be letting you listen to music from
around the entire world, as well as find stations by many different genres,
which is really nice.

I also
love that you can login to TuneIn Radio from a computer as well as from the app
so that all your favorite stations follow you wherever you go.

music apps will display advertisements either while you’re listening or on the
top/bottom of the app. TuneIn Radio doesn’t have any such ads, which makes the
whole experience even better.


Advertising is a powerful way to influence the masses, ultimately all it is, is a vessel to which you brain wash people by constantly shoving what you’re promoting into their faces and eventually this will make these poor individuals begin to dream about it and eventually go out and get it.